mac Skystone


A few words from Jack Dooley, Skystone CEO.

mac Skystone is a Joint Venture that focuses solely on delivering volumetric modular construction.

Modular addresses the concerns of developers – quality, time and cost – and motivates them to use this safer, more eco-friendly method for their buildings.

Our team has demonstrated the skillset that ensures local building regulations and requirements are met.  Our core market strength is in affordable housing developments and hotels. The programme savings, alongside the quality and cost points we can achieve with our manufacturing partners gives us a competitive advantage. The construction industry does not need to wait for a higher quality, faster and more affordable way to build, it is already here.

In November of 2014, Skystone formed a strategic partnership with Polish provider Polcom to deliver multiple projects to North America. By Q1 of 2015, we were in preconstruction on 2 major hotel developments – the POD hotel in Brooklyn, and the CitizenM Bowery project in Manhattan.

Upon completion of these projects, it was quickly established that the demand for a better, higher quality and more affordable solution to new developments outweighed the supply. Skystone began the process of certifying multiple facilities for delivery of product into the market. In addition, we also established a mechanism of holding and controlling key supply subcontractors throughout the manufacturing supply chain in order to capture more value for our customers. In all, we have 5 manufacturing “hubs”.  This gives Skystone unparalleled capacity and flexibility that no other manufacturing company can compete with, as our manufacturing subcontractors always stay within their respective core competencies.

As the only approved steel modular builder for Marriott, Skystone was awarded a 26-story Marriott hotel in midtown Manhattan that is currently under production at one of the approved fulfilment centers. This landmark building will get stacked in Q3 this year.

Skystone will have 2 other residential projects getting stacking in NY at the same time. We are EPA Certified, HUD Certified, federally approved, MWBE Certified and ISO 9001 accredited.

Skystone are currently also working with local developers in New York and California on a number of modular developments, from student accommodation and affordable housing, to hotels and residential apartments. We are also working with the government in Puerto Rico to deliver hurricane rated, affordable single-family homes in large quantities.

Most complex integrated Modular projects completed in the past by Modular Manufacturers have experienced issues created by a lack of experience in managing the integration of the Developer, local General Contractor (Construction), and Modular Manufacturer. Adding in logistics management and other coordination requirements, Modular projects require proper management to negate any issues and optimise time and cost savings, as well as achieve high quality, and we partnered with mac to create an innovative and energetic team which combines the expertise of both companies to bring a turnkey solution to the private and public sector.

mac Skystone CEO